Donation Drive

Help collect our most needed items!

We can only give items to our clients that we have in stock. And those items come from you. We are constantly running short on linens, kitchenware, and other items.

Outside organizations provide a great way to collect these items and give back to the community. Plus you can have fun doing it, so why don’t you organize one today?

  • Use our Contact Us form to let us know that you’re interested in running a drive.
  • We’ll help you determine which items are of greatest need and that work well with your group. Items can be gently used or new.
  • Schedule your drive and let us know when you’ll be holding it so that we can advertise it on our social media.
  • Let people know you’re collecting donations!
    • Download and modify a flyer for your drive.
    • Hand-out and post your fliers around town.
    • Use Social Media to advertise your drive.
  • Review our quality standards on our Donate Items page. Please be careful and don’t accept items that don’t meet our requirements.
  • Hold your drive.
  • Schedule a drop-off date and time. We are only staffed during our normal operating hours.