• If you're interested in volunteering: (click here)


    We're always looking for volunteers. This is a high energy, fast paced, friendly environment where the time will fly.

    The following list shows some of our volunteer opportunities. If you see something that interests you, please contact us and we'll discuss what you want to do. Note that training is required as we strive to provide a high quality, consistent shopping environment for our cutomers.

    Store jobs needing your help:

    • Store Assistant: Help customers find the items that they're looking for. Sort donated items. Possibly assist with loading customer vehicles.
    • Sorter: Great for individuals who don't want customer interaction, but want to help by sorting & packaging donated linens and home goods.
    • In-store Furniture Mover: Assist customers and donors with loading/unloading their vehicles. Help stage items in the store. Needed every day that the store is open.
    • Transportation: Pick up donations on Saturday mornings and using our 16' box truck. Need to be able lift 50 pounds or more.
    • Translators: Assist customers with translation issues. Our major needs are Spanish and Portuguese.

    • Other jobs needing your help:

    • Call Center: Return phone donor phone calls which are left on our voicemail system. This is a once a week job which can be done from home and there will typically be 2+ messages per day. Requires reasonable PC skills to utilize web based call tracking & pick up scheduling system, an Internet connection and good interpersonal skills when dealing with donors.
    • Transportation Coordinator: Schedule transport dates with teams. Review scheduled pick ups to make sure that they meet requirements. Plan pick up routes using web based routing system. Contact donors before pick up dates to make sure that items are still available. Requires good computer skills with Internet connection & good interpersonal communication skills when contacting donors.
    • Web Design: Provide regular updates to customer/donor web site. Requires good knowledge of PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and DreamWeaver or equivalent.
    • Graphic Artist: Help our graphically challenged team create good looking brochures, signage, etc.
    • Fund Raising: Help keep the doors open! Also conduct furniture or household good drives.
    • Public Relations: Write articles for media, blogs, etc.
    • Volunteer Recruiting
    • Board Members: We are always on the lookout for movers and shakers who have good business experience and strong community ties who want to help FSFB expand.
    • Other: Tell us about your specialized skills that will benefit us.